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A. Background of the Study
Every body known that language is the tools of communication to convey the information, thought, idea, feeling, and to distinguish a country with other countries.
Usually we used international language to make a communication with foreign people and English is international language, almost the whole countries in the world use it for communication in regional and international form. A few years ago although the goals of English subject in Indonesia was to get reading and to increase knowledge from the reading matter and speaking was not the important skill. But, remember that “Language is speech and written form is merely secondary”. So, if we study of a foreign language, we will not be satisfied without use it for communication.
Through language people can communicate many things, for instance, to clarify our think and expression our feeling.
The teaching English of Indonesian is provided from junior and senior high school to colleges or university. English expected to be a means of transferring and expending the knowledge, technology, culture and many others, with the final aims is to support national development.
Know the mastering English demand student to learn it thoroughly and seriously to become a user competence good student needs to learn communication skill, such as: listening, writing, speaking and reading. Such enabling skills cannot be studied individually, they must be learnt integrated.
Jack.C.R. (1985) gives an interesting view about this phenomenon:
Interestingly English is becoming the major International language of printed information. A great deal of the world scientific, commercial, economic and technological knowledge is written and published in English though the writer maybe Chinese, Swedes or Italians. Publication in English ensures the widest possible readership for new finding and ideas.(Language And Language Teaching, 1985 p.3)

B. Statement of the Problems
There are many problems and difficulties faces by English teachers that demand solution considering the limited time and scope, this small-scale study will focus on the one aspect of teaching countable and uncountable nouns through pictures matching and its practical application with real visualization.
The study will attempt to find the key how to teach the countable and uncountable nouns using pictures matching. The study is not only restricted to know how teaching nouns using pictures and its relationship with curriculum, but will also attempt to predict learning English structure, especially in countable and uncountable nouns.

C. Limitation of the Study
To limit the study, the writer would like to discuss in teaching English countable and uncountable nouns with Junior High School specially at MTs Al- Arqam first grade.
Beside I concerned to make student more active in the class and show them how to solve and find the solution to their learning problems, also intend to help student to know and understand the strategy to learn noun classily and improve their idea about countable and uncountable nouns. The teacher should give their student an equal chance to practice and use English in the class. Although most of them will make mistakes, teacher should be able to create good situation and productive method of teaching.
When the student makes mistakes due to their lack understanding, teacher should be patient and give conductively atmosphere and treat them wisely. We should emphasize that making mistakes is process learning.
One of mistakes has made by students of MTs Al-Arqom is to use countable and uncountable of English in this case. I would like to investigate problem of using countable and uncountable of English.

D. The purpose of the Study
Based on the statement of the problems above the purposes of study are:
1. Exploring suitable technique in teaching countable and uncountable nouns
2. Finding the best technique in increasing teaching abilities.
3. Giving student a conductively situation in studying English.
4. Finding out the advantages of teaching countable and uncountable nouns.

F. Methodology of the study
a. Method
The method in this research is the experiment and uses different analysis to study. The writer also collects the data taken from the field research and the library by using some books to support this paper.
b. Time and place
The research will be carried out at Al – Arqam Junior high Islamic school at black bridge street Rt. 03/10 Cijujung village Sukaraja – Bogor . I have this case when I teach in this school, I got two week from December 04’09 until December 11’09. In the class, but sometime I learn in the out side.


1. Scope of teaching English
The element of language and how it is conducted cannot be separated if we are to achieve the teaching goals. Language element and how they should be carried out will carried out will be outlined in the following.
a) Language elements
 Vocabulary
Vocabulary enrichment can be conducted through a series of a pictures, particularly those connected with countable and uncountable nouns.
For example: 1. Water, milk, alcohol, etc (uncountable)
2. Bird – birds, key – keys, rose – roses, etc.(countable)
 Pronunciation
Teaching pronunciation can be done in many manners. One simple way is by giving the student s set of pictures contain of countable and uncountable nouns. First the teacher pronounces the words and then the student followed again and again.
 Structure
Acceptable sentences and phrase are taught right from the beginning to the end. Provide the excellent context and usages. For example, the teacher gives countable and uncountable nouns to the student, and they made some meaningful sentences on the basis of the pictures.
For example:
- Food : this store sells health foods and baby foods
- Water: this is an excellent mineral water from Belgium.
b) Language ability
1. Reading
Reading strategy can be given by providing a variety of the text. A the end of the passage some exercises and questions are given to measure the students ability to comprehend and fully understand the situation, context and usages (grammar, pattern, idiom and vocabulary)
2. Dialogue
Teaching dialogue means teaching speaking ability. Giving more practice and familiarization of the whole words, sentences and structures can do this. After the student have already know how the words are pronounced and use them, they should be able practice it with their friends.
3. Writing
Teacher are hoped to teach the ability of writing simple sentences well, short stories and composing a letter. For example by using the simple continuous tense or giving them some reading materials that have been selected to be given to the student as exercises

2. Teaching of Noun
Nouns are the words used name of person, place, or thing. It is can be real object or idea and action, the following is the table of noun:
No Persons Places Thing Idea
5. Henry
Student Town
Bandung Bridge
Door Romance

Here are some examples of using nouns:
1. I go to Bandung ( bandung is a noun in sentences. It is name of place)
2. Mr. Henry comes here.( henry is name a noun. It is a name of human)
3. This my book ( book is a noun in this sentence. It is name of something)
Type of noun
There are three types of nouns, that is:
 Common noun refers to class of person, place, thing, such as woman, teacher, state, lake, bridge, building, belief, etc.
 Proper noun gives the name of title of a particular person, place. Like: Jane Adam, Mr. Chips, Toba lake, Galuh Montain, Golden Gate Bridge.
 Collective noun is noun that name group or a selection of person or thing. Some frequently used collective noun are:
Army class flock herd
Audience committee troop jury
Band crowd group team
(modern English a participial references guide, 1972 p.69)

3. The Use of Teaching Aids
As we know, there are some kinds of teaching aids, which can be used in teaching activities such as the language laboratory, teaching machine, tape recorder, and other visual aids. Many teachers usually use the teaching aids to help the students understand the lesson more easily.
By using pictures the student are expected to gain large knowledge and will more be active and creative in English learning process. The main concern of using pictures is not to claim originality for the strategies suggested. By doing so students are given the best chance practicing English through a through use of pictures. Below are four aspects of activity that should be bared in mind.
1. Material of pictures is used to carry out the activities in the class. They can be taken from the magazine or news papers and should be attractive and interesting to capture the student attention.
2. Procedure: In most case the student have make a small group, in some case teacher should give the student clue words to help them to initiate conversation.
3. Language item: grammatical features can be presented or practical features through the activities. However the final objective is not to teach grammatical but to give student an opportunity to practice English thoroughly.
4. Follow up: this part contains ideas for reinforcement and further practice and should be given two or more exercises as follow up, the individual teacher, of course, is free to select the most appropriate to the situation.
According to those aspects the teacher should be able to attempt the best technique that is picture matching through which students are hoped to think widely about how to memorize and use the vocabulary to get the good mark.


A. Teaching countable and uncountable nouns using pictures
Before starting to teach countable and uncountable nouns in the class, the teacher supposed to design lesson planning for the teaching using pictures matching.
Lesson plan
Class : I (one)
Quarter : I (one)
Topic : Countable and Uncountable Nouns
Book : “Active English for Junior High School “Author by: Rudi
Hartono, S.S., M.Pd
Time : 2 x 45 minute
Teacher objective: To help students understand about countable and
Uncountable nouns.
Student target :
- Student should be able to differentiate between countable
and uncountable nouns.
- Students should be able to make sentences contains
Uncountable nouns.

Preparation : set of the pictures

The picture of countable nouns The picture of uncountable nouns








Procedure :
no stages Teacher activity Student respons


- greeting
- cheking attendant

generalization - good morning
- how are you?
- Introducing the activities connected to the topic
- Explain the countable and uncountable noun using the pictures.
- Good morning mum
Fine mum’s

Student give the attention

The material of countable and uncountable nouns
Countable noun is characterized by singular and plural form. Plural form can be add by ‘s’ or ‘Es’ to the noun as can be seen in the table below.
Countable nouns
Singular Plural
lamp Books
Uncountable nouns
Singular Plural
soap Cheese

B. Analyzing data
In doing observation when I taken as sample were I given countable and uncountable before and after I used the picture. To gain the data, the researcher carried out one way, it was post test. In this case, post test was conveyed to know the differenced of students in countable and uncountable which was taught using picture was applied of 10 students and five students which was taught without using pictures. Finally, the result of post test of them is the students who were taught using pictures was better than those who were not taught using pictures. So, I also have asked to the students about teaching English in countable and uncountable using pictures, what is it can made them interesting? They said, yes teaching through with pictures is help us become active, it is very easy to remember because there so many color are, brave to speak English and pictures is one of the ways to avoid the boring situation to the students.

Language is the tools of communication to convey the information, thought, idea, feeling, and to distinguish a country with other countries or other areas. Teaching English in Indonesia is not an easy activity because it is a foreign language and it is not the second language through it is one of the compulsory subjects at school. Therefore the English teacher should help the student to improve their knowledge and ability of English. One of the goals in teaching English for the students is to communicate in spoken or written from. There are three countable and uncountable nouns that they must remember. They have different function in using them. To make countable and uncountable nouns easy to study, it is important for the teacher to find the technique or ways in teaching. So, the students are easy to understand the lesson. Pictures are used to master the four language skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking and its use to create the students active. To make student easy for remember what the differentiation between countable and uncountable noun. Furthermore pictures can be used to teach language function, structure, conversation and vocabulary.

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