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Technique enhanced reads in English lesson
Axis one of the know-how aspect speaks, read has important character in helps student studies foreign language. Read to make student gets assorted text kind likes newspaper, magazine, advertisement, brochure and others. Read also make student knows to how actually that English is used in print or article. Like known author during several months has taught, found that is ability reads low student. Their is comprehension ability is insufficient. They are acres in general read phlegmatically and do reduplication in text read. The cause possibility them only dominate limited vocabulary, and they also don't have technique or strategy reads effective. Aim from this is watchfulness finds to how: (1) technique read fast can increase student ability in read literal; (2) technique read fast can increase student ability in read conclusion. This is watchfulness class action watchfulness (PTK). Watchfulness procedure in this is case consist of four play steps that is planning, execution, observation, and reflection. this is watchfulness consists of two cycles. Each cycle consists of 3 meetings for process learns to teach and 1 meeting for quiz (test). Dates related to speed read and student comprehension is gathered by using watchfulness instrument likes test (beginning test and test end cycle). Data that gutter to pass test analyzed by using program SPSS 11.5, then at explain consider achievement criteria that appointed. Watchfulness result shows that are technique reads fast effectively increase speed read student and accomplishment read comprehension. This is matter is showed with enhanced percentage success in each cycle that is 43 % (pre-test), 61 % (cycle 1), 72 % (cycle 2). Score fulfils success criteria in technique applications has read fast that is appointed that is the increasing of ability has read student. Matter this is means that is technique applications aim has read fast to increase speed has read student has been achieved.


Esa Koriyana, gives at Bogor on 06 Octobers 1988 from father Salim and mother Eulis, he is child to first (1) from two brothers. Elementary school education is finished at school SDN Cimanggu 1 regency Bogor. Junior high school is finished at SMPN 2 Cibungbngbulang regency Bogor, furthermore finish senior high school at sman 1 Cibungbulang regency Bogor.

Praise thanks god author climb to Allah the almighty and most worthy of praise, because with the permission, so this task is finished. Although during finish this task writing, author many get obstacle. But in the end all obstacles can authors overcome.

Author realizes, that is with science limitedness and author ability in composed this task, so feeler this thesis stills not yet far from perfect, for that author gets all criticism and suggestion constructive by this task writing repair is henceforth.

In chance good this, author wants to say maximum thank for that read it. Author hope well this be of benefit to all.

To answer question, does ability read and realize reading with technique tri focus Steve Snyder that mentioned above can to increase student ability in read and realize reading which is on the turn later can to increase academic accomplishment in learns to speak.

Follow study treatment before and after technique use tri focus Steve Snyder:

First meeting

In first meeting, student ability reads and realizes reading text is measures with conventional study model. Study is done in a few stages, that is:

- Foreword, covers; prepare reading ingredient, prepare evaluation tool.

- Kernel activity, cover: student reads word without give technique read effective the time and student (in latest stage) answer exercise related to word (exercise shaped double helix 5-10 exercise).

- Casing, student with teacher counts time that used to read word and accuracy from answer that given by student about questions.

Second meeting

In second meeting, author holds study innovation by using technique tri focus Steve Snyder. Study is done with a few stages, that is:

stage pre study

In this stage is author holds preparation among others: make study plan, prepare implementation tools tide belong technique reads effective, and prepare reading with evaluation tool.

study stage

- foreword

Student is given time to read and realize reading by using technique tri focusing Steve Snyder that meant.

Motivation that given to student among others:

i am aware reads that is easy.

I can to read fast and lancer

Furthermore student is asked to read sentences or expressions in meaning bundle in heart and full comprehension, and then make sentences as beginning confidence before read as a whole. This activity is author mentions with study suggestive. Then submitted several things related to preparations before read. This preparation is more has external technique, but this condition is very physical not pleasant and environment full of disturbance undoubtedly student ability in read not maximal. Therefore student is asked to do preparation before read as follows:

minimize disturbance

take a seat with upright attitude

glance at entire words.

Kernel activity

a. student is given illustration short about reading

b. student is introduced and trained development peripheral that be kernel from technique reads tri focus Steve Snyder. This practice is shaped test simple, that is:

look at directly a object

look at your eye sight scope when see straight forwards (when read word)

look at meaning every sentence or every expression carefully.

c. student has been given directive to use concept to read actually reading that appointed. After finished read student tries to register information that got from reading, also count time that used to read reading. As end student study answers question that reading without see reading text. Exercise that done to number between 5-10 double helix exercise and or responsive question from that teacher with reading text (exercise essay). Furthermore student has corrected result test that done, good time that used or accuracy from the answer.

Watchfulness result and discussion

a. watchfulness result

First meeting

first meeting activity result is known that:

- appear student recurrent in follow study reads.

- because recurrent to experience activity reads with appear student conventional technique less enthusiastic.

- from evaluation result be known that is student average not yet can read swiftly and even less get detail information and accurate.

Second meeting

in second meeting happens change among others:

- appear student begins has motivation better from previous

- student enthusiastic in read reading with technique reads effective.

- happen student ability enhanced in read and realize reading with relative time use short from previous.

b. discussion

before apply it study by using technique tri focus Steve Snyder with approach aid from teacher introduces reading, student many experience difficulty in realize reading, caused by the weak interest reads they have. Also inexistence stimulant to do activity reads swiftly and effective, even they felt heavy load existence when is aimed practice reads fast. The study result even also doesn't experience enhanced.

after done technique change tri factor Steve Snyder that meant, student felt helped to be able to do repair and enhanced in acquisition speaks gradually and certain, self-confidence that them can read and realize reading swiftly and accurate can grow and bloom. Proved this matter also academic accomplishment at area speaks to increase. But realized that result achievement by using technique reads effective that meant not yet come up with ideal number.

Watchfulness hypothesis
Data analysis technique
Data analysis technique is done with correlation Pearson, and technique test for significance test coefficient correlation.

Watchfulness hypothesis

Verbal hypothesis:

H1 = found positive connection between mastery reads English-speaking and English vocabulary ability.

Statistics hypothesis
H1 = p xy > 0

Watchfulness paradigm

α= 0,05

1. Rules test
Analysis rules test that test normality by using test Kolmogorov - Smirnov. Rules test counting result declare that normal distribution population.
2. Hypothesis testing
Hypothesis at raise in this watchfulness what’s found positive connection between English vocabulary mastery ably reads to speak.
H1 = p xy > 0

3. Testing result
After done calculation, got rxy as big as 0,467. Testing significant test to t to rxy got counted as big as 3, 0793 and t table in alpha 0, 05 with n as big as 36 as big as 1,684. Thereby inferential that correlation coefficient rxy significant because value count bigger than table.

Watchfulness result discussion
Based on result research that elaborated, can at explain that ability read very tall and wanted. Because actually, what read somebody vocabulary that represented by word, phrase, sentence and paragraph is a reading or word. So, if somebody reads, particularly if that read it reading speaks foreign so has erudition and vast vocabulary mastery, certain of vital importance for study speaks. Every what read although in a flash certain useful as beginning somebody that wants has ability reads actually

Read very both for education world to stabilize activity in endure good activity insides also outside. Process very difficult for one who never read. Technique that used to be able to read by way of reading discipline speaks. Because without ad attitude like that difficult be done.

Based on invention pickings, be concluded that (1) technique applications read fast in teach to read comprehension makes student not only increase comprehension ability read, but also ability read quicker with can realize vocabulary well, (2) technique applications read fast in teach to read comprehension can increase student ability in read literal, (3) technique applications read fast in teach to read comprehension can increase student ability in read conclusion.

Suggested to English teacher especially in teach reading to use technique read fast because this technique can increase ability read student comprehension. Also suggested to that researcher to applies or canvass technique of a kind with interest careful and effective.

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