Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ahmad Sanusi

Name : Ahmad Sanusi
NPM : 08211210032
Class : Afternoon class

Naturally, people assume that one day is the length of one rotation of the earth on its axis.
Then one day humans split into several small parts, such as morning, afternoon, evening and night.
In addition, one day is also divided in the smallest, i.e. hours (1day = 24h). This is true in general in all nations.
However, different things are when the day began. According to Azmi Abdullah, "Understanding west-term response to the 'one day' begins after midnight (12:00 pm)
Based on this opinion, we can see that the concept of the reference to Saturday night is a concept taken from the reference to the West. This can we meet in the Dutch language, ie Zaterdag avond, and English, Saturday night. Thus, it can be concluded that the phrase is a reference to Saturday night from the western influence since Saturday night is the night at 18:00 - 24:00 which still happens on Saturday. If passed by at 24:00, so-called early Sunday morning.
In addition to the name in the Indonesian language also applies the concept of applying a single day in Islam. While in Islam, the term 'one day' best starting only in time maghrib prayers and best ending just before entering the next maghrib prayer time.

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