Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Unforgettable Moment

Name: Dyah Nur Khasanah
NPM: 08221210255
Class: 3A
Semester: 5 (conversion)

My Unforgettable Moment

When I was at junior high school, I went to taman buah Mekarsari with my friends when we had school’s holiday, after we had done the final test. There were many kinds of fruits like water melons, star fruits, apples, oranges, pears, durians, mangoes, cherries, pineapples, browns, melons and many more. Besides, there were many kind of plantation, so that the weather felt fresh because the plantations were leafy. There were banyan trees, pine trees, palm trees, rubber trees and many kinds of another plantation.
When my watch showed 1 o’clock, we got our lunch behind the banyan tree because that tree protected us from the UV. Moreover, the weather was really hot at that time. I brought my own foods from home, so as my friends. We brought our food in variant, so that we could taste our foods each other. My friend, Nina brought lots of foods, such as fried chicken, tomato sauce, rice, and potatoes. When I was having my lunch, Sari gave me fried shrimp and burger. And I gave her fried egg, fried noodle and martabak. Instead, Arlin didn’t bring any foods except fried rice. She looked so sad because she didn’t bring any various foods like us. But then Tika came and gave her grilled fish and two pieces of bread.
After we had our lunch, we walked around the field. We found that not every leaves were green. We were wonder that there were many color of the leaves besides the green color, such as yellow, red, brown, lavender, light orange and soon. We also surprised that there were lots of unique shapes of fruits. They were round, square, ellipse, and sometime its shape was irregular. I was so surprised that there was a square water melon. So that, I bought that fruit because I wanted to show to my family.
We were very happy because we could see many kinds of fruits and plantation that we had never seen before. Besides, we could enjoy a cool weather and beautiful views that made us felt relax. Moreover when I was seeing the water melon field, I saw a cute boy named Firman, he was so handsome and so polite. We talked many things about the beautiful scene in the field. He asked me my phone number before I left him. I was so happy because he was the coolest boy that I’ve ever known. And I thought this was the most exciting tour that I’ve ever done.
When the sky looked so dark, we decided to go home soon. Before we left the field, we took our photos, and it would be a precious memory. Before we got home, we visited a market next to the field. I bought a t-shirt for my brother, a veil for my mother and a sweet skirt for me. I saw Arlin bought a pretty bag, but she didn’t have enough money, she looked so poor. So I lent her my money. She so appreciated my help. Then we got home with happy face.

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