Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Someone That I Love

Name : Arlin Nuari
NPM : 08211210009
Class : 3A
Subject : Writing for General Communication 2
Time : Wednesday, 13th September, 2009

Someone That I Love

I will tell about someone that I love. Actually, it’s my secret but I must tell it for writing task. Well..Everyone has someone that they loved, but love just not for women to man, but it can love for family, friend and the eternal love to Allah SWT. Love than touch us one time. Now, I want to tell someone that I love, but it can say his name, its secret. We met in my uncle wedding party last year. First time I looked him. He is handsome and a good boy. That’s I know!! After that I know him and I shared with him. He was very polite. I will describe him; he has pointed nose and fair skin. He is not too tall but his tall more than me. He has mesmerize smile that made me interest. And He is smart too. Now, He studies in IPB. After I met him in wedding party, I didn’t him in long time. I always remember him, I feel miss. And then last Grateful Day, he visited to my home with his family. Looks him like I found something new. He didn’t change with first time I looked. His smile till mesmerize; just only he is seem more grease. I couldn’t speak anything when I was standing next to him, difficult for talk with him in every conversation. What did happened with me? I didn’t anything. What’s this love? I always think that you are very nice fellow and suddenly you made me feel so mellow every night. You have made me stupid person. I see you in my dreams every night, but I can’t see you in real life because distance to separate us. I still confuse what I love him or me just proud to him because he is smart and good boy, before I never met boys like him. I don’t love him more than love me for Allah SWT because there is no eternal love than the love of Allah SWT to people or vice versa.

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