Friday, October 9, 2009


Name : Nurhasan ( 08211210078 )


My name is Nurhasan I had lived in Bogor for twenty two years before I moved from Jakarta. I never shadow can live in Bogor until now, now all my family lived in Bogor they had married all.
Bogor is a big city in Indonesian and beautiful also, the atmosphere is very cool and pleasant to Occupied. Do you known? Bogor has a beautiful park and big palace with one million mysterious the name is THE GREAT GARDEN BOGOR. There are many tourists’ pays a visit to great garden Bogor, from Italy, London Deutschland and many others. Formerly I often pay a visit once a month and price of tickets are Rp3000 but now Rp10000 per person, and I thought is not problem because we can enjoy when we had inside there.
Except that, Bogor has many waterfall, like Cigamea waterfall, Ngumpet waterfall and many else. There are many people going there especially in weekend.
For adolescents who are glad watch, do not worry and be happy because there are many cinemas in Bogor with a nice building and good facilities.
Everything will you get in Bogor about fashion and food all available in Bogor.
Bogor has many cultures such as java, Sudanese, Baduy, and many others. You can enjoy so long if you lived in Bogor because there are many people come to Bogor especially from Jakarta, they come here for spent their vocation and relax enjoyed the nature. But I do not really like them, because if they had much money, they would buy a large land and will build a villa and I think you know the effect.

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