Friday, October 9, 2009

My Experience


My Experience

I have many experience. When I was child, I often went to many place. I ever went to zoo with my friends, I went to by bus.. we depart at 8.00 o’clock from my house, and arrived at 11.00 o’clock, I think it’s so long, because on the way it’s very trafficjam. I must pay Rp.5.000,- for bus and Rp.10.000,- for entered the zoo for one person. When we arrived we were take a rest just a minutes because we were very tired. After that we walk around zoo. We could saw many animals there. Frist, I saw elephant. Elephant eating grass, when I gave carrot, an elephant open the mouth very vast, Ifeel shock. After that I continue my way for saw the other animals. I saw many bird there. I also saw lion, zebra, giraffe, atc. In the evening I have lunch. I brought rice with noodle from house. I’m forgot to brought drink, and my friends just brought a little. And than I bought drink there, it’s more expensive than usually. I back to home at 04.00 O’clock, before I come back I bought some souvenir, such as ; coral, bear and necklace. I think in the zoo very expensive and borrow some money with my friends to brought it. I arrived at home at 06.00 O’clock. I’m very tired, but I feel happy because I get some experience there. I could see the kind animals. Beside that, I also often go to book store when I holiday, I like read many book without must bought. I like novel, and science book. Sometimes, I just bought pen, pencil, important books. I got many knowledge there.

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