Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Name : Devi Pebriani
NPM : 07211210253
Class : Semester Va
Writing for Academic Purposes 2


Saturday night is a long night for everyone especially for young people because they can meet with their couple. And for people who have work Saturday night is a holiday night because in the Saturday work just half day, and they can take a rest for long time until Sunday. I like Saturday night because I can take a rest from my activity, because in the Saturday my college is holiday. But in the Saturday I have part time job, I help my parents for take our shop actually fruits shop. In the Saturday night especially if the weather dry, many couple walk on the street or ride with motorcycle or man visit his girlfriend and many others. We can do everything in Saturday night, we can sleep until in the middle of the night, or stay up and talking all the night with our friends or family and then we can watching television until in the middle of the night, because in the Saturday we get holiday and we can take arrest all the time in the Sunday.
I like Saturday night because my shop has much buyer who buy fruits an my parents shop. Maybe, they buy it for their couple or for their parents in law candidate and many others. Many people have many reasons why they like Saturday night. But not all people like Saturday night, maybe one, two or ten doesn’t like Saturday night, and I think they have reasons, first maybe they haven’t couple “Jomblo” for they visit in the Saturday night, second maybe in the Saturday night they have work or activity and many reasons why people don’t like Saturday night. In Indonesia Saturday night is like a culture, which someone has a couple he will visit his couple or for take a rest and holiday from boring activities and also in the Saturday night we can visit some place that refresh our mind. In the Saturday night we can do everything but it depends of ourselves.

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