Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Beloved Parents

Name: Ade Filantyasari
Class : 3.c
NPM : 08211210732

My Beloved Parents

In my life, I have someone special in my heart. People are always I love to end my life. Namely my parents, my mother and father. for me, my parents are special in my heart. Because without them, I can not like this now. Mother has bore me into this world. And the father has to spend for me the school. Those who have taught me and taught me from childhood. They were my teachers at home. If I fell, those who woke me again. I often make them cry and they trouble. Fixed difficult to forgive and still love whit me. And I often do not comply with his orders. But they always grant the request. They were very understanding to me. I love them. I do not want them to go away. I want them always there for me. Chatting with my brothers, too. Although now my brother is not a home anymore, but I can still chat with my parents. I'm very happy. I promise to them, I do not want to make my parents disappointed with me. And I want to make them happy. I do not want to bother them again. I want to likes to make my parents. My parents is very love with me. I'm proud of them, because they are very good with me. Their sacrifice for me, I can not back. Because so many of their sacrifices for me. They were very patient in teaching me. I do not want to lose them. My Mother and my father, I love you. Your love want to save in my heart.

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