Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Someone I love

Name : Hilal Guswati
NPM : 08211210077
Class : 3-A
Subject : Writing for General Communications 2
Date : Wednesday, 14th of October 2009

Someone I love

I have someone which very important for my life. She is My Mother. Why? Because she always beside me when I need someone to help my problems. Since I was born, she always protects me from anything that can endanger my life and from child I had given many kinds of life educations. I also love my family so much because they always beside me every time and every minutes. Among of them, I really love with my mother. Although sometimes my mother always fussy, but I know that her also really love me and my sister. I more love my mother than my boyfriend. Why? Because, boyfriend not always protect me every time and hasn’t true love like mother has. Every mother has the biggest love with her children and also gives the best thing for her children. It’s also same with my mother. She always gives me what I want although sometimes she isn’t able to grant what I want but she always tries to grant it. She always cares to me every time and help to solve if I get some problem with my friend or someone. When I graduated in elementary school se also helps me to know what is true and what is not true. She gives many knowledge and educations that I don’t know so I can be good person. Thank, Mom… I love my mother so much!

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