Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Soul Mate

Name: Dyah Nur Khasanah
NPM: 08221210255
Class: 3A
Semester: 5 (conversion)
Subject: Writing for General Communication

My Soul Mate

This world would feel empty, if we didn’t have love in our life. Because of that, of course we had people that we love and love us in our life, like our parents, friends, teachers, and so on. But there was someone that would make us different, if he/she loved us and we always called him/her as someone special. This person will change all of our life and he will determines, when will we marriage, because this person is our soul mates. And of course, I as girl have someone special, and I hope he will be my mind forever. Do you know why? Because only him who could make me believe the true love, besides I am a girl that difficult for loving someone else, I means a man. So, I didn’t know what would happen, if he leaved me. But I always believed, a nice girl would gets the nice man. And the lucky man that got my love named Ahmad Firmansyah, I called him “mumu” and he called me “lulu” those name had a meaning, “mumu” was “miss you, miss you” and “lulu” was “love you love you” we made a special names for us, so it heard cute. We introduced each other by chatting in “MiRC “and it continued by sent short messages by phone cell and called by phone cell, everything we did by phone cell. We started as couple after 3 month we knew each other. Like the others couple we had a trouble. And our trouble was “the distance”, because we were doing our long distance special relation. I live in Cibinong, west java, and he live in Palembang, south Sumatra and we had just met once, when he did his study tour on February 28th 2007 and we never met again, because he was doing his study at UNSRI (University of Sriwijaya) in engineering of chemistry program. Besides I never allowed him to meet me if he didn’t have any occupation. So, for replaced it, sometimes he gave me a gift with a letter and some photos and sent it by post office. Caused by developing technology, sometimes we could look each other by camera when we chatting in internet or 3G by phone cell. But sometime I really wanted to leave him, because I thought I couldn’t do our long distance relationship, moreover he is a cool man and he isn’t a romantic man and it made me worried about our special relationship, because I am a spoiled girl and I need his notice, but fortunately he always convinced me for always in his side, because he need me. Then I tried to accept his characteristics, moreover only him that was patient and never angry to me when I did something strange. And meet with him as my wish now. Because I want to fell like the others couple that walk, dinner, talk each other together and so on in really world not by phone, internet, or letter. But for him I will be patient for waiting him until he gets any occupation and then ready to be my mine forever.

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