Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Nice Day

name: Indrayani
NPM: 08221210789
Class: 3A
Semester: 3

A Nice day

In one day after middle test, my classmates and I went to Taman Safari Zoo. We went from campus at 9 a.m. It was a beautiful day. All of my classmates looked so happy and cheerful. The girls were pretty, and the boys were cool and handsome.

When we got at Taman Safari Zoo, we saw lots of animal walked around the zoo. We saw some of zebras ate their meal, a monkey was playing with its baby, rabbits jumped on from a place to another place, lion the king of the jungle, a crocodile was swimming in the river, and many things of animal such as giraffe, the big elephant, birds, tiger, and turtle. We couldn’t touch and feed the animals; we just saw them from the car. The visitors were forbidden to open the window of the car, because it will make any danger for visitor and the animals.

After we looked around into the zoo, we got our lunch in a restaurant next to the zoo. They sold many kind of food menu, such as gado-gado, chicken noodle, grilled fish, chicken porridge, fried chicken, meatball, and many kind of food. I ate grilled fish that was my favorite food. I love the delicious chili sauce.

On the way to get home, we bought some fruits for our gift hand. The costs of the fruits were so cheap than the costs in the market next to my house. So I bought some of mangoes, bananas, oranges, apple, and pear.

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