Monday, October 5, 2009

My friends and I went to movie for watching

Name: Estika Rahmawati
Npm: 07211210263
Class: V-A

My friends and I went to movie for watching

Last holiday on Saturday 26 of September 2009. My friends and me went to movie for watching film. I went there with my senior high school friends. They are Rita, Wenny and Farida. At first, they invited me for watching movie. And I agreed about it. We met at Bojonggede station. On the train we sat on a long chair until Depok station. Then we arrived at Plaza Depok at 2 pm. The movie was not full of people who wanted to watching movie too. We queued up for getting the tickets. We going to watch the film of "Get Married 2". We had been waiting for almoust an five minutes to get the tickets. We got the tickets at studio 3. And the movie would be played. At 3 pm, so we had time to walked and we went to market and stores for window shopping. And than we bought some meals to be enter in the watching the movie. At 2.15 pm we returned to the cinema and sat on own chairs. We ate the meals while we watching the movie. The fil finished at 5 pm. Next, we went by public transportation to go to Depok Lama station. And then, we bought train tickets. Some times we waited the train, and the train came and we went home.

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