Sunday, October 25, 2009

Are you wise enough to let your children run a car?

Name : Firman Risahondua
NPM : 07211210268
Class : VA

“Are you wise enough to let your children run a car?”

“One family one car”, maybe you have ever heard about that sentence, or in this case is a doctrine, that tells us about a family is prosperous if they got a car which can take them wherever they want to go together, spend a lot of wealthy time inside it, or just sit while being stuck in a total traffic jam. But now, “One family one car” is not proper any more for the family, especially the rich family, who like to have more than one car. The rich in Bogor, as I see, have two or three cars in their garage. I just don’t understand why they want to have so many cars. Two reasons that I know are, first, they want to show how rich they are by parking so many cars in their yard, and the second thought is “One person one car”. The last reason, I think, always happens in rich family. The father wants a luxurious Mercy, the mother wants elegance BMW, the daughter wants a shiny-pink-covered Toyota, and the son wants a sport car like his idol. It is okay if the parents want those breathtakingly expensive cars, but the children? It is another big deal. I have always wanted to ask to the parents who let their children run cars, “Are you wise enough to let them drive car?”. This is not about you do not love your children by taking their license to run a car, but considering the accidents that has been occurring all this time are mostly caused by young driver, you have to think twice to buy a car for your son and let him go through the dangerous high way.
In fact, children (we are talking about teenagers) always drive their cars not carefully and mischievous. Commonly, the teenagers who have just known how to drive, their emotional is so high. They like driving their car extremely fast, don’t care about the traffic light whether it is red or green, and the most dangerous is when another young naughty driver runs his car close to the teenager’s car and yell “Step on it you little snail!!” and then gets his car running faster leaving the teenager behind, the teenager, as I told you, would be “burnt” and runs his ride totally fast to catch the “naughty” car, and as we can guest there will be an illegal racing car on the street. This condition opens wide the gate to the hospital because of the accident which might occur. Now let’s see how the parents doing. As an adult, who has known about how bad a terrific accident and how awful when it comes to you, will drive carefully. They run their car in such minimum velocity; let another car passes without desiring to make an illegal racing with them, and, if they are kind, will help the pedestrians by taking them to their office located many kilometers from the place they were walking.
As I know, and I am sure we all do, driving in the street needs license from the police. If a driver is happened to get caught driving without the license, he will have to drop some money to the traffic policeman to let his ride free or have to be taken to the police office and costs more money to make the license. Young driver, who is still at school, doesn’t have the license yet because he is just not in age. Now let see if teenagers run their cars without license. They will drive their cars with fear flowing around his mind about meeting a traffic police on the street. They would always feel wary whether they would have to drop some money if they were unlucky to meet the police or not. Other factor is the police commonly will take the rule breakers (unlicensed young drivers) to the police office and ask their parents to come. For example, one terrific accident ever happened in Jayapura, Papua. Two teenagers, without license and helmet, were hanging out with motorcycle. As the motorcycle running, a policeman saw and then ran after them because they were not wearing helmet. The teenagers were shocked and step on the motorcycle extremely fast because they didn’t want to be captured. All of a sudden, the policeman, who was getting closer to the teenagers’ bike, kicked the motorcycle. And, as we all can guest, the motorcycle fell and the teenagers straightly hit the street hardly. We sure know the end of the story. The parents have to realize this. Driving with no license is a totally bad way. Distinctive with the unlicensed young driver, parents must already have licensed. They will run their car without feeling frightened of being chased by the traffic police and end like the story above.
By showing something, it means you also want to show the way you get it or how much it costs you. In this case, the children are still different with their parents. As my opinion, after seeing and thinking in times, the children who drive cars commonly just want to show off. They want everybody, especially their friends and their lover, knows that “I got an expensive luxurious shiny-covered car, and you don’t”. They want everybody knows that they got the stuff. Just the opposite, the parents who drive his car generally want to show how much successful they are till they can buy the Mercy or BMW. They want everybody says “Hey look, what a successful wealthy man driving the Mercy”. Lastly, we can see that they, children and parents, are in the different way of showing their cars, but one thing which is just the same is they are show off.
After knowing some factors that children are not proper yet to run cars, I hope my question that I asked before can be answered by the parents who still let their children drive. Either let the children drive cars or show off their rich, the parents should know how dangerous they do that. They have to think the risk would the children get. And then I am sure the parents will be so wise in taking decision to let their children drive cars.

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