Friday, October 9, 2009

My Experience

Name: Risna Rahayu
Class: 3 A
NPM: 08211210780
date: October, 6th 2009

My Experience

When I was child, I'm so happy, I remember when I was in the zoo I saw many animals not only from Indonesia, but also from foreign country. I remember that the animals are: Lion, cheetah, tiger, elephant, bear, kangaroo, monkey, bird, camel, snack, orangutan, crocodile, zebra, koala.
My family and I went to a nice place, we are enjoyed with our trip to explore our beautiful place, and I hope someday I have much time with my family to go out again. There are really a beautiful places in Indonesia, I like mountain, waterfalls, river, rice field.
After that I took many fruits in my grandmother's garden such as: Mango, banana, orange, grape, papaya, watermelon, guava, blueberry, strawberry, and pineapple, but I shared it to all my friends when I was child. I'm so happy because I could enjoy all of fruits by myself only.
In my grandmother's environment, I have so many friends there and there many different characteristic, I fund a personality traits like: cheerful, smart, creative, just, polite, humble, kind, brave, honest, calm, considerate, charming, helpful, independent, economical, gentle, flexible, artistic, loyal, forgiving, sincere, grateful, caring, trustworthy, mature, optimistic, extrovert, patient.
And I met all my family in my grandma’s house especially in holiday like id fitri, we are having a breakfast with our special menu like ketupat, opor and I had a lot of money from my aunt, my uncle, my sister, my grandpa, my father, my brother, so nice.

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  1. experience is the best of teacher. telling about our experience during in children is very nice to share with closed our friends. so tell what u want to tell, don't be a shame to share u'r memory..