Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Favourite city

Name : Novi Sriyulianti
NPM : 08211210705 (3A)
Subject : Writing for general communication 2

My Favourite city

I live in Bayah village. I want Bayah like Sukabumi, because Sukabumi is very cool and there is very much the place nature recreation. The place nature recreation it such as water fall, lake and tea garden. Famous water fall in Sukabumi are Curug Sawer and Curug Cibeureum. And famous lake is Situ Gunung. Curug Sawer takes place in Kadudampit. If we go to there, we must use public transportation once from Alun-alun Cisaat and then we are on the foot about one hour, and through forest but it is not dangerous. In there we can take a bath although water in there very cold. We can take a bath under water fall. Owh it very exicting. The scenery of it is very beautiful. Before until to water fall we find villa and there is swimming pool too. And in there provide place for tent about ten meters from villa. And we can out bond in there. About thirty minutes from Curug Sawer we will find lake. It is situ Gunung. The scenery of it is very beautiful too. Curug Cibeureum takes place in Selabintana. It is so far than Curug Sawer. If find it we must penetrated distance about two hours. Water fall in Curug Cibeureum is very high. If we gone to there before we through tea garden. Although the travel it very tired but we can enjoy beautiful scenery and cool situation. Expect place nature reaction, there is have special food. It is Moci. But I don’t know how make it. So I will not tell about it. The taste of Moci is very delicious. Moci have kind taste. It is like nut and coconut. The price is very cheap. So if we go to Sukabumi don’t forget to buy Moci for souvenir. And don’t forget if you the nature lover you must to try go to the place of nature recreation, because it will make somebody very happy and to get an impression.

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