Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Greatest gift I ever had

Name: Riska Putri
Class : 3.C
NPM : 08211210726

Greatest gift I ever had

God has made my life beautiful, but it becomes more beautiful because accompanied me on these two parents who loved me and of course I love them too. They become the person I can count on and I can proud of . I can’t imagine if I lived without them, without love, without guidance, and without their upbringing. Father and mother had been caring for and educating me until I was much like today. My mother had been pregnant with me for 9 months in her womb, caring for, raising, without fatigue, she was always be patients. Whereas my father worked hard to support his family and pay my school until I was in college .toil from morning till night, and so on so tirelessly. I really love my parents, but many things that I regret, I sometimes argue with their words, do not listen to their advice, and I know they say it's all the best for me. I'll do anything for them to be happy, even though I knew of any thing that I do not be able to repay their sacrifice to me. Not much I can do, right now I can only learn by diligently to get a high score, and a degree as they want. The most beautiful thing that I saw was happy when I saw my father and my mother smiled happily. And conversely, the most I regret when I saw their sad and crying because of the mistakes I did. I just wish they could always happy to see them smiling and happy until the end of life.

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