Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lost of Feeling

Name: Indrayani
NPM: 08221210789
Class: 3A
Semester: 3

Lost of Feeling

Actually, I’m not having someone who I love to this moment. My heart has been feeling so empty since more than a year ago. Yes…. I’m pretty sure that you have ever felt like this. No…It’s not like ”lost of feeling”, it’s feels like when you eat too much cheese. Boring. I think that love is not only given to someone special. Instead, we also give our love and care to people around us such as our family, close friends, classmates, neighbors, teachers, God, and the job that we have. Those are the places where we can share our love. I guess one thing that makes me feels like “lost of feeling” is because I still love my ex-friend. He is the best that I have ever had. We chose to separate because I made some unforgiving mistakes. Sadly, he never gave me any chances to show him how much I care. So that, I’m trying to give away what I feel to someone special. And share my love to anyone in my life. Oh, I almost forget! There is someone who has made me wonder recently. I don’t know who he is. But I know that he is about fifth or seventh semester. We are in the same faculty. I often meet him. He is looked like my ex-friend. But I know that I just amaze, because I will never waste my time for thinking someone who I don’t know much. I have lots of love in my life, that’s good enough for me. I know that God has good destiny for me.

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