Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I went to Dufan with my family

Name: arlin Nuari
NPM: 08211210009
CLass: 3A
Subject: writing for general communication 2

Last time, I went to Dufan with my family. There are many interesting games, but I didn’t play all games because too much. My brother is very happy because it was second time visited Dufan and his first time, He had still 5 years old. He had forgotten.
There is too crowded. When I wanted to ride a game, we must standing in line of a game and it spent a long time. I still patient because that game very amuse and challenge of gall. At the time my sister invited me to ride a tornado game. I was agreeing with her invited. I didn’t want my sister side me my coward person. I taught Tornado game in interesting game that can challenge of my brave. When I was queue up, I didn’t feel anything, but when I rode a Tornado game and DJ rotated this game, so that position of my head in under. I was very afraid; it seems likes I had felt my blood like together in my head. DJ rotated again, we were riding a Tornado game just can shout and I was prayed. I felt Queasy, headache, and I felt lose my life. When I got off to tornado game, my face was pale and I felt headache. I was very afraid and I promised, I wouldn’t ride a tornado game again. I think Tornado game is very scary game more than mystery house.
I rode other challenge of gall games, likely roller coaster, arum jram and kora-kora, but tornado game is more dangerous and challenge of gall from other games. Beside that, there are many games made me exciting. Bianglala and Niagara are my favorite games.
Dufan not only had amused and challenge of gall game, it also had Istana Boneka that many doll had worn clothes of culture in world wide. Dufan is fantastic place that made me happy and lost to weary.
That time became beautiful day and also unforgettable moment, when rode tornado game.

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