Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Home

name : liliek sudarwaty
npm : 08211210025
class : 3A
subject: writing for general communication 2

My Home

I want to tell about my home. My home is not too large, but I like to stay there. Because, I can gathering with my family and I can sheltering from rain and heat. I live with my father, mother and one brother. And now I will tell detail about my home. My home has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, dining room, kitchen, living room, and little garden. And there is a little yard in front of my home. There are many things in my bedroom such as bed, cupboard, and little chair. I like to stay in my bedroom such as listen to the music and read some book. In my brother’s bedroom there are bed, cupboard, and computer. His bedroom is across with my bedroom. And the bathroom is in the corner of my house. The dining room is the place where my family and I eat together, there is refrigerator here. Living room is the place where my family and I watching television and joking. This is my favorite room for me because we can joke while watching television. Kitchen is the biggest room in my home, I always cook with my mother here. There are stove, dispenser, plate, glass, pan, and many more. The final is little garden, many plants are grow in the garden such as rose, rambutan trees, mango tree, jack fruit tree, banana tree and many more. That’s about my home sweet home, the place where I can get affection from my parents and my brother.

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