Monday, October 5, 2009

My Unforgettable Event

Name : Devi Pebriani
Npm : 07211210253
Class : Semester Va

My Unforgettable Event

When I was Senior High School at 2nd Grade. My friends give me surprising party for my birthday. I couldn’t forget that moment until whenever. Before they gave me the surprising party, they had made me cry and accused me as thief, they accused me stolen my friend’s wallet. I’ve never stolen my friend’s wallet but at the time, my friend’s said that I took the wallet. They called conceling teacher in time break to interogated me, why did I steal my friend’s wallet. And I should admitted that mistake although I’ve never done that mistake. I cried and I sweared until I said “Demi Allah” I’ve never done, I sweared but my conceling tacher didn’t thrust me. So, the teacher brought me to head master’s room and I was forced admitted that mistake. I cried and asked them to forgive me but their forced me until I admitted my mistake. In head master’s room, she gave me punishment they was scorcing or cleaned toilet for one month. I chose to clean toilet although I’ve never wanted to do it. When I was cleaning toilet while crying and was angry, my friends poured me by water, eggs and floor. My clothes were being wet, dirty and smell not good.
All students and teacher laughed looked at me. There was so disgracefull and disguisting because everybody was laughing me. My friends sent happy birthday song while laughed. Actually I was fed up and angried because my friends accused me stole my friend’s wallet and poured me by mixed of egg, water and floor. I couldn’t forget that moment. After my friends had poured me, I went home and when I arrived at home my mother made a cake and she had decorated room for my birthday celebration. My friends at school and home came to my house because my mother invited them. I’ve never asked my mother to invited many people to celebrated my birthday, but my mother wanted my friends completed my special moment.

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