Thursday, October 15, 2009

Two Famous Singer in The world

Name : Desi Lisna LP
NPM : 07211210271
Class : 5A

Two Famous Singer in The world

I like singing. It is my hobby, although my voice is bad I am confident to sing but I sing only in my bathroom. I have my favorite singer. The singer in Indonesia I like is Agnes Monica and for the international singer I am very like Mariah Carey. Because of I like both of them so I looking for their profile. I find in magazine, newspaper, internet and from television. Now, I will comparison both of them. The first from Agnes Monica. I think every body knows her, she is a good singing and a good actress. She is once of a famous singing in Indonesia, she is known as a talented teenage. She can dance, sing and acting. Agnes Monica, born in July 1st 1986 so she is young singing. Her full name is Agnes Monica Muljoto but many people and her friends known her as Nez, Aggy, and Agnes. She is a soon from Jenny Siswono and Ricky Muljoto. She birth doesn’t from an art family but her talent is gotten from herself. Even tough she was a child, everyone have recognized that she is different compared to other children. While other children spend their day with playing with others, she already started her hard work. She usually practices vocal to improve her skill. She has begun her carrier when her age is 6. That time she is only a host of child program and a singer. The program is Tralaa-Trilili. Do you know that program? I thing you know because it is a hits of child program when we were child. To be honest, her album that time wasn’t a big hit in Indonesia. Since in that period not many children in Indonesia bought cassette of a child singer. She became the most favorite children presenter for her work at Tralala Trilili and the award she received is not stopping but get more and more every year. Then at the age of 12 years old, she entered acting world. Lupus Milenia is her first series. Not to successful but the series led her to the other series that surely a big hit in Indonesia. Pernikahan Dini in 2001 has made her won several awards in Indonesia. Nowadays, Agnes Monica has became Indonesia role model. She changes her style so many times. And many people are following her style. In Performances, she always perfect. When people decide to watch an artist to perform, they always want the artist performances become perfect includes their style, their voice and as well their communication with the audience. And when you watch Agnes Monica you will get all of that. She always powerful at the stage, singing, dancing she can do both of that perfectly. Although she is busy in her carrier she doesn’t forget to study. Some people said that Agnes Monica is a role model for the teenager. Because even tough she is an actress, she still concern on her education (she is a law student), she is very mature and she always has a plan for her future. This year, own of her plan is” Go International “. That’s why she is leaning Chinese Language even more. And know Agnes Monica is a law student in Pelita Harapan University.
Different with my favorite international singing is Mariah Carey. She is a best singing in the world. I am very like her because her voice is very beautiful especially she is good in a high tone. I have a favorite song was sung by her it is “a Hero”. Comparison with Agnes, Mariah births in art family. Her parents are Patricia and Alfred. The art blood of Mariah comes from her mother. Mariah’s mother is a vocal teacher. Mariah is a senior singer. she was born on March 27, 1970, in Long Island, New York. Unfortunately, her parents divorced when she was only three years old. As a result of her Irish/African-American/Venezuelan descent, Mariah encountered some racial discrimination while growing up. I am so sad know a background profile of Mariah’s family. Carey was raised in a poverty-stricken home and her mother was forced to work multiple jobs in order to make ends meet. Conveniently enough, it was Mariah's mom who noticed her daughter's vocal talents. One day, when Patricia was rehearsing her role of Maddalena in Verdi's Opera Rigolettos, she heard Mariah imitating her singing. Even though she was only three at the time, Mariah's mom began teaching her how to develop her vocal skills. When Mariah high school, she didn't concentrate much on her education and would frequently skip classes, and instead write songs and dream about becoming a famous singer. Before she got her big break, Mariah completed 500 hours of beauty school and even worked as a hair sweeper in a salon, as a waitress and as a coat check girl. It is different with Agnes Life. Agnes life in a luxurius family, she usually get something what is she want? But Mariah must to hard work to get what is she want?. After she graduated from high school in 1987, Carey moved to New York in order to pursue her dream of becoming a famous singer. She spent hours working in a studio writing her music and making demo tapes. In 1988, one of Mariah's friends, who played the drums for Brenda K. Starr, urged her to try out as a backup singer for Starr. Although Mariah was a little hesitant at first, she quickly realized that it was better than what she was doing at the present time. One day, while Carey was singing for Starr, Sony record executive producer Tommy Mottola was given Carey's demo tape and her wish of becoming a singer was soon realized.

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