Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Difference Ways to get Successful

Name : Dessy Purwanti
NPM : 07211210608
Class : V-A

The Difference Ways to Get Successful

I will compare two popular singers. Their name is Agnes Monica and Rini Idol. They are success in entertainment world. Beside that they are have same professions there is be popular singer and actress. But here their have difference ways to get the successfully in the entertainment world and be singer in Indonesian Archipelago.
I will contras they ways to get the success be popular singer. Because I think Agnes Monica and Rini Idol is same successfully as singer but they have different way to get that’s all.
Full name by Agnes is Agnes Monica Muljoto, she is girl and her religion is Christian. She was born in Jakarta at 01 July 1986. She has hobby is Ice skate and badminton. Tall of her body is 165. The initially her carrier in entertainment as singer child, she is attractiveness in vocal and intelligence in acting. It’s sure that she is success in the first her film with the title is Pernikahan Dini. It makes her name be famous in this archipelago. Beside that she is innovation and dynamic in play the music and she got some achievement. Her successes to got prestigious which appreciation like Most Favorite Female, MTV 2006, Artis Solo Wanita Terbaik, Rhythm Singer and Blues the best, AMI Award 2006. In 2006 she got some appreciation. Finally, Agnes Monica is Actress popular in 2006. And than she not satisfied with all her achievement she has ambition to Go International. To supposed her ambition Agnes try to test her acting by the film The Hospital with Jerry Yan. In 2008 Agnes comeback to acting in television, she were be actress with the title film is Jelita and Kawin Massal. And than in MTV Indonesia Awards 2008, she sweep up as Most Favorite Female by single Matahariku
She never to stop in her achievement in the last 2008, Agnes comeback got the appreciation cause her progressing in music. So, she got as favorite singer in Kids choice Award 2008. Agnes had demonstrated that she can to stand her achievement. On March 2009, she is one of received appreciation Class Music Heroes. And she is be youngest in that’s moment. And finished she had the new album, she get worse the singer solo in Dahsyat award at 19 April 2009.
Difference with Rini Idol, she is not famous girl. She is gadis biasa which continued school in senior high school. She is come from Medan. She has full name is Rini Wulandari or we called Rini, she was born 28 April 1990. She is followed the competition in Indonesia Idol. She is the winner by Indonesian Idol Competition. Actually, her scared singing apparently since her child. She construct when she was in Junior high school by group band, Rini as backing vocal some famous actress like Keith Martin. In the past on 2007, Rini released his first album featured me as an editorial Tetap Milikmu. This album contained 10 songs and that to her single first is Tetap Milikmu. Followed the second single is Aku Bukan Boneka. At this time, Rini just released her single news that was entitled Overprotective the creation of Ade Domino. Rini showed few maturity in this song at the same time in his video-clip where Rini appeared with the section's fashion. This song was gotten in the compilation album of Idol Horrifying. Owing to the community's support that has acknowledged as a singer person. In fact, from all over the SMS that entered, 51.2% voter supported Rini to be the winner. I realize that If not because of the Indonesian community and the Medan resident, was not possible to be available.
There are many barriers that according to her were heavy enough, that must be passed through. Like when Rini joined the Indonesian Idol audition 2007. He could withdraw saw the number of interested persons who wanted to become the finalist. But her family always give anything support to motivate Rini. And than Rini was increasingly motivated to become the professional singer through the competition route an Indonesian Idol caliber. And I think Rini had the right on the Swift Suzuki car gift as well as the educational scholarship through to the level of the tertiary institution from the Media Indonesian Archipelago Citra (MNC) .Plus the recorder contract from Sony BMG.

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