Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Magazine

Name : Neng Apriantini
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Study : writing

The Magazine

The magazine was the Publication or the periodic issue that contained various articles, the news, related, dinging, the myth, the legend for the public and the Print Media who were published every week, every month or quarterly, with the publication that put forward the depth of the subject.
The wall magazine or that was normal in akronimkan to madding was one of the kinds of the media of mass communication wrote that was simplest. Mentioned the wall magazine was because of the principle of the foundation of the magazine felt dominant inside, in the meantime his presentation usually in notable to the wall or that of this kind.
The principle of the reflected magazine through his presentation, good that was in the form of the article, the picture, or the combination of both of them. With the principle of the foundation of the form of columns, various works, like the painting, the vignette, the crossword puzzle, the caricature, the comic, and the like was compiled in a variety manner. All the material was compiled harmoniously so as the whole madding appeared interesting.
The physical form madding usually was in the form of the sheet of plywood, the carton, or the other material with the multitudinous measurement. The measurement that be classed as relatively big was 120 cm x 240 cm, while that was again smaller was adapted to the situation and his condition
The benefit of the Madding wall Magazine had many benefits. Several of him was as follows.
a. The Communication madding media was the cheapest communication media to create inter-group communication in the certain scope.
b. The forum for young Creativity of the child's activity had not been quiet from creativity, for example sport, processed art, skills, the game, and did not miss also the activity of the expression wrote
c. Invested the Habit read
d. The pastime
e. Trained Intelligence to think
f. Trained organized
g. Pushed the Exercise Write

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