Friday, October 9, 2009

my first experience

Name : Shaeful Irpanul Karim
calss : smtr 5C
NPM : 07211210282

There is always the first reply in all things, including my first experience playing online with fun. Approximately 4 years ago, when I was still in high school and I did not know the name Internet. I hold the computer only once a week only at the school which of course no Internet. One day I was invited by one of my friends to accompany him to the cafe to chat. I innocently then just stared and watched Microsoft windows how to play it. Since then I got interested in the Internet and took time to visit the internet cafe once a week and got fascinated with the search engine named Google. Spent time in a cybercafe every week to try different keywords on Google, the result was quite interesting and can impress high school kids like me at that time. After that I began to know the name forums, news sites, and do not miss games. I made the first email in a cybercafe near the school, with a capital of simple English and my curiosity was a yahoo account. Believe it or not, this email it takes more than an hour. Ranging from slow Internet access and yahoo id is already used most of the other person. But the main cause seems to be because of the question 'Alternate Email' which at that time I thought was a confirmation email that will be made. In desperation because I could not make it, I was asking for help cafe staff to help make my email. And for me now, the Internet has become a part of life. Not a day without the internet. In a way I still took time to play internet in my mobile.

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