Friday, October 9, 2009


Mimi Dzikriyah


Many kind of place which can we visit on holiday or free time or leisure time. The places which make us enjoy, fresh, comfort and feel free from our activity or busy, and also it doesn’t spend much money, Like beach, mountain, lake, waterfall, zoo or park, etc. there, we can see the view kind of nature and of course that place are very beautiful and amazing and sometimes we think that the places are mysterious. In the beach or sea, the view is very amazing . a wonder which is created by Allah swt for humans. There, we can feel the wind which blows us, and the roll of wavy which concern the coral, and many kind of sea’s animal we can find in the sea. In the mountain, we can see many kind of tree, and we can enjoy the view of some place which there are about mountain or slope of mountain, and we can sniff air’s cool. Same with beach and mountain, in the lake and waterfall, we can see the view which are beautiful, and something interesting which different from one of lake with other lake, from one of waterfall with other waterfall, and one of the advantage if we show that view, it will make our eyes fresh and clean. And the last, about the zoo or park, of course, we can see many kind of animals., like giraffe, horse, zebra, camel, tiger, many kind of bird, snake, etc. and each of animal which various of kind, we can show other wonder which is create by Allah swt.

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