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Which do you think it is better, Ungu or Kangen Band?

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Which do you think it is better, Ungu or Kangen Band?

As music lovers, we certainly know the two famous boy bands in our lovely country “Ungu band” and “Kangen Band”. These two bands have been always releasing new getting-greater albums and breathtakingly love songs. Although those bands are good (based on groupies’ opinions) and in the same boat of gaining money by the popularity, they’re totallly different in some things. Well, let’s check it out.
Kangen Band is a newcomer band formed in Lampung in 2005. Although somewhat as a newcomer, but the band is comprised of personnel Doddy, Andika, Tama, Lim, Nory, and Barry's got a warm welcome from the community.
Their first album was ABOUT ME, YOU AND HE (2007). In the album there are songs about Star, About You and He I, If, Akin, Karma, Dont The Delayed, angel Surgaku, Is the Answer, Adventurers Love and Waiting.
Ritu popular songs and molester became a popular hit in the community. Both songs are also popular to call waiting and ring tones. Even in the event SCTV Award, Jasmine Trias made it a favorite band.
Later, the story of her career journey that begins from the street vendor was appointed as soap opera, with title “Aku memang kampungan”(2007).
Kangen band covers its songs in Malay genre. This genre is now being an issue that it makes the musical quality of Indonesia is growing “older”. Most of Indonesian musicians are Malays, and they use Bahasa Indonesia which is related with Malay to their song, but, they think Malay music is not the tradition music of Indonesia, it belongs to Malaysia. But afterall, Kangen band just ignores the issue. They are able to accept that Malay or the band itself is plebeian, but they also think that music is universal so as long as they can make good songs and their fans still holler for them, they will keep being that way.
Kangen band is one of the band which is consistent with their genre. They never played song in other genre but Malay. Otherwise, Malay now has become the most popular genre in Indonesian Music world. Although Pop genre is famous for the same, Kangen band doesn’t want to turn their steps.
Now let’s see Ungu band. Ungu is a band whose members are Indonesian, Pasha (singer), Makki (bass), Enda (guitar), Oncy (guitar), and Rowman (drums). Until the year 2007 they have produced 4 albums and 2 mini albums.
No one can ignore that Ungu band is one of the most famous band in Indonesia and other country like Malaysia and Singapore. Ungu band’s songs are so romantic and proper to Indonesian teenagers. From since the first album came to the surface until now, their songs are always well-known. Like “Laguku”, “Bayang Semu”, “Demi Waktu”, and others.
Ungu chose Pop music as their genre in releasing their qualified songs. But, different with Kangen band, Ungu is smarter than Kangen band in seeing the market. They know what is being searched and famous at the time. Like now, Ungu saw both the market and the music lovers in Indonesia love to hear Malay genre. So, they turn their music genre to Malay. They released very good Malay songs in “Para PencariMu” album. They also see the opportunity in Ramadhan month with publishing religious album, like “SurgaMu”, “Para Pencari Mu”, “Aku dan Tuhanku”, and “Maha Besar”.
Although smart in seeing the market, some sides think that Ungu is not consistent with its music. Let’s see Peter Pan or Gigi bans, they are famous bands too, but they are consistent with the way of their music. Ungu band is now called “Commercial” band because what they did.
Fame, in addition to carrying a lot of fans, also have negative impacts. Often concert Ungu 'eat' victims. When concert in Mojokerto, East Java, March 30, 2006, dozens of women fainted. Nine months later, on December 19, 2006, the concert "Popcoholic with Ungu" in Widya Mandala Krida Stadium, Kedungwuni ended with riot that resulted in 10 people died and six others seriously injured were trampled and lack of oxygen when tens of thousands of people pressed out after watching their concert.
Although both the bands are different in the journey of gaining success, they are still famous band. They keep what they got, increasing their ability in music, and qualifying their songs. Both they are good and bad in some ways, but they still have a place in Indonesian music lover heart.


  1. we can't compare these two bands i think, cz each of them has its own style. if you say that Ungu is not consistent, that's label world. every band wants to meet the need of its listener.

  2. every one has opinon, so do I. my opinion same as with dedeh. we can't judge one thing wit another, they have sign of their self, i think the comparison in art is very good for improving their self in art. because by comparison in musin ar bang it will no flat for listener especially in genre of music