Saturday, February 12, 2011

Abraham Ilham

Name : Abraham Ilham
Class : Semester 3A
NPM : 09211210105
Writing for General Communication 2
Final Exam
Sometimes we are afraid to face the final exam because it is final and the final assessment of students who must travel to get the maximum learning results, why the final exam is very important, because we should be earnest in doing it, but many factors that may cause finsl exam to be difficult, it is because this test requires us to be able to get the maximum value and there should be no mistake, every participant must have experienced exam jitters when doing the exam, it's because they're no preparation or they are not confident in doing it, that's what make participants became less confident. Many factors can affect the mental condition of examinees, what who make they're in trouble or they do not have adequate preparation to answer all questions there and it has become a condition of final exams, but many of the problems faced by the examinees of laziness in learning, so it makes them think to cheat the others and it is not good to be done by the examinees. conclusion of the exams is to do a lot of preparation and confident with what to do.

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