Saturday, February 12, 2011

Raden Rara Titis Rahmawati

Name : Raden Rara Titis Rahmawati
Class : 3 A
NPM : 09211210085
Subject : Writing For General Communication 2
How to prepare to an examination
Final examination soon come. only a week away we will face this semester final examination. However, I am not ready because there are some lessons that I am not 100% controlled. To fix this, I form a study group with my friends. Join a study group is a great way for you guys to have a good exchange of ideas. To perform the test properly first, we must study and review material before exams. I have been preparing to welcome the final preparation like praying to the mighty god, asking for blessings from the parents. Also learn how to read back the notes lecturers, to borrow a record full of friends and then copy it. Reduction of time to play the last and most important is not stress. Take Relax, I think that is a good idea such as, go out with friends or play a video game just to let off some of the stress and the tension. This will make your mind fresher and relaxed for the mind boggling exams. Beside that eat well and sleep right. Do not be lazy. Success does not favor those who do not aim and work hard for it. Do your part and for sure you will be ready for any kind of exam out there. After all, success will be right at your fingertips if you choose to seize the moment!

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