Saturday, February 12, 2011


Name : Prisa meyanda
Class : 3a/PBI
NPM : 09211210098
It had been six month since I learn in this semester, so many knowledge that I found here and I got the trouble, because sometimes i find the difficulty in this semester and honestly, it make me confuse. A few days to the fore, exactly 17th january 2011, I will to follow the final exam in my university.
Honestly, I do not make any preparation to facing the final exam, but I will try my best to get the good result. However, I know that if I get the bad result, my parents will be disappointed of me. So, from now I will study hard to get the good result in this final exam. As a usual, the university will give a silent week to all of the student for seven days, it means once week before the final exam started. Actually, this program be intended to the student university to make some preparation well. The same things that I will do is I will try to use this chance to make some preparation, and also I will use the silent week to study hard, because I know that the final exam for this semester is not easy, so many subject that I do not too understand and it make me confuse. However, I always prayed to the God to give me some easy to pass this final exam and also I hope, I can answered all of the question on the final exam.

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