Saturday, February 12, 2011

Putri Ira Saraswati Ridhoantika

Name : Putri Ira Saraswati Ridhoantika
Class : PBI / 3A
NPM : 08211210250
Facing the Final Exam
I feel that the third semester just started but actually next week I will face final exam. It seems that the time has run quickly. The final exam will determine the result of all I have done in this semester. I am a little bit nervous. However I must be optimist with my ability because I do not want to disappointed myself and my family. I always think that the key to be successful on the exam are pray, study hard and optimist. I must pray more to Allah and hope that he will give me guidance to have a good mind so I can study well, makes ease my exam and make me focus on it. In addition, Allah is the source of all the power and the one who can be rely on. After pray, of course I can not neglect my effort to achieve a good mark on the exam. I must study hard. However, pray without supported by study hard will be nothing. And the last key is being optimist. Optimism will lead me to have spirit to do my best and release the positive mind. I know that I can do it! For this final exam, I am being more optimists because I have a silent week before the final exam. It is my opportunity to review, do some exercises and make summaries of all the material that has given by the lecturer. One of my habits when I am going to face quiz or exam is making notes like a cheating paper. I usually make the notes in a piece of paper. I make it by myself, handwritten, and then I bring it wherever I go. It is really help me much. I can read this note while I am eating, bathing and even going to sleep.

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