Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tips to Face Final Test

Name : Iwing Suciwulan Astuti
NPM : 09221210843
Class : 3A
Writing for General Communication 2
Tips to Face Final Test
Anyone ever experienced the final exam. Final exam is held every end of the process of learning. Usually the end of every semester. The material tested was quite a lot. For that we need preparation for examinations. I'm including people who do not have enough time to learn. Besides I went to college I was also as a faculty member. I have to prepare teaching materials, and studying for my college. But I must not give in to circumstances. I should be able to arrange time and conditions. It felt so heavy at the same time I was busy with activities at school and in campus. Sometimes I have to sacrifice my pleasure time. Especially during the final exam. Because my time is limited, I work around this by way of summarizing all the lessons will deal with during the exam. Due to summarize, though I did not memorize it, at least I never read it. Although a bit, but there are things that I remember. To add my knowledge, I am happy to discuss with friends know anyone who can be invited to exchange ideas. That way I can quickly understand the material that will be tested. I have a habit of reading in the morning, or shortly before the exam takes place. Although not long, but it turns out this is quite effective and one more thing that might help, look at things - important things that is often repeated by the teacher while teaching in class. Usually thing that often delivered repeatedly that is repeated by teachers who often tested. And we also have to maintain stamina and health, because if we in healthy condition, we can think properly. Conversely, if we are sick at the time of examination, despite being studied but would interfere with concentration. So that can affect the test results later.

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