Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Personality

Name : Komariah
NPM : 08211210111
Class : 4 A
Subject : Writing
My Personality
My name is Komariah. I was born on 23 September 1989. I live at sukadamai indah Bogor. I am studying at the University of IBN Khaldun and my major is English education. I am first child in my family. My hobby is reading books especially tabloid, magazine, and novel. And I like listening to pop music song by my favorite bands. I have many dreams but I really to be a teacher. I am twenty years old now. My favorite fruits are grape, strawberry, and rambutan. My favorite food is seafood and my favorite drink is orange juice. My favorite colors are white and black. And my personalities of my body, I am big and I have round eyes with the color is black. Then I have a long black hair, my face is round and rosy- full and chubby cheeks, small ears, pointed nose. I have thin lips, then I have special mark is mole on my neck. My eyebrow shape is arched and thick, and I have short eyelashes. Round chin. I think every individual is different from another. It is our personalities make us individual that we are and make us different from anyone else. Our personality can lets others identify us for what we are and tells others what we are like. Every human being possesses both positive and negative qualities. And I have positive traits and negative traits. My positive traits are sincere, helpful, loyal, care, merciful, affectionate, trustworthy, modest, friendly, patient, just, tolerant and broadminded. And my negative traits are forgetful, selfish, pessimistic, jealous, suspicious, and sensitive.
Corrector : Hilia Ratna Puri
NPM : 08211210701

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