Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ardi Rezal

Name : Ardi Rezal
Class : 3 A PBI
NPM : 09211210597
“Writing For General Communications 2”
Final test as an evaluation
Education world is useful to create the future of somebody and than country. It is important for one country to make a good method in teaching, so they will create the good generation. In Institution education such a elementary school, senior high school, and until university we always get the exam or final exam. The function of the exam is to evaluation how far our knowledge, ability in every subject. I am as a student of university, I feel that in this final exam is not really final exam because some of us still cheating the answer to our friend, we do a forbidden things. Next week we will face the final exam in this semester, we almost finish the lesson. We have to prepare and effort to face this final exam. One of the important thing to face this final exam is pray and
if we want get satisfying result we have to honest to do the final exam, do not do cheating or something like that. I hope we will get the good result and high score. Amin.

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