Saturday, February 12, 2011


Name : Sulistriya
NPM : 09211210103
Class : 3A
Preparation to Face the Final Examination
Next week, we are going to face final examinations for this semester. I will try to give my best for this examination because in the mid test yesterday, I have not really good score for some of my lecture subject so I have to study hard for increasing my score and get good score in the final score. Moreover I am going to start teach in one of social foundation at the same date with the final examination will start so I should have more preparation for my teaching program and learn to be responsible with my job and my study in the university because I do not want to make people around me disappointed and try to give my best all I can do, especially for my parents. Fortunately, I have friends who always help me if I confused or not really understand with some subject and for make our preparation for final examination better, we make a kind of discuss group in my friend’s house and we discuss all about our problem of some subject that we are not really understand and we share together and find the answer together too. One of my friend who has better score and smarter than the other guide us to find the correct answer or to understand the subject better.

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