Saturday, February 12, 2011


Name : Rukoyah
NPM : 0721121002
Class : 3A
Writing for general communication 2 Tips to face national exam Not a few students who experience stress in dealing with moments of these exams, especially the high pressure from teachers, schools and parents. Therefore we need the attitude and ways which are proportionate in the face of the exam so that reaching a satisfactory outcome with no damage other aspects such as psychological and physical health. And in an exam we have to have tips that can be considered as an effort to prepare for the national final exams. That is the way the exam calmly and proportionately. Face it this exam with a calm attitude and proportionate that the test as something that must be faced, Proactive is an attitude which assumes that we are the ones who determine the success and failure in life, including in the national final exams. Be assured that hard work and effort that we do will bear fruit. Make plans Exams can be likened to a journey to success. As the trip a success, it is fitting we made plans. Expand reading and exercises one of the advantages possessed by the institute is tutoring the students plenty of practice to solve problems quickly learning groups. Learning groups is one way that can be used by students to share with another friend in solving problems and strengthen mutual learning and achievement motivation. Rest assured that if we pass then our parents will be happy and proud. Make the struggle of the national final exams as a forum to present the best to our dear parents, and turning to prayer to be awarded graduation, health and convenience in later exam.

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