Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Name : Nur Azizah
Class : 5 evening
NPM : 08211210824
Studies recent in years, about 732 children, concluded that conflict with parents, fighting with fellow children, and youth crime were closely connected with the number of hours watching television. Then the children who since his early years watching of mystical, someday he will grow into a man who always fears and later as an adult he would take a decision only rely on emotions alone. Watching television also reduce its ability to entertain oneself and cripple its ability to express ideas logically and sensitively. However, how much influence of television whether good or bad for mental development of children it’s determined by the amount of guidance and supervision of children who watch television. The best people who do this are their own parents.
As we know that the children enjoyed watching the television. They did not hesitate to sit in front of the magic box for hours. In a study, children pre-school age showed greater interest in television than school age. It is effect the toddler playmate tends to be limited and more stay at home. But this is more quite dangerous for the development of the child if we do not control their characters. They will be easier to
record things that are fun and takes place in continuously. This happens because they do not have the experience and in their minds there is no filter.
In addition, to the content of television shows that we must be aware of is the advertising itself. Because the ads will build a culture of consumerism in the child and be wasteful.
So what should be done at the time of guiding our children watch TV? Connect the television program which was witnessed by the experiences of your child or your own. Select the video games or movies that contain elements of education and promote social values as an example of an Islamic film. Explain also about the intentions of the ads aired and in ways that used to sell these products. One thing that should be remembered, that the task here is to guide parents not prohibit develop proximity to familiarize children with good dialogue and communication so the child will eventually understand and even ask for consideration and advice from parents.
Corrector : Rustika Wati
NPM : 08211210818

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