Saturday, February 12, 2011

Desi Ramdanulloh Classs

Name : Desi Ramdanulloh Classs : 3 A NPM : 09211210075 Subject: Writing for General Communication 2
Preperation for Final Exam Final exams will be carried live counting time, everyone must feel how to value each individual can get score up to three, I took the initiative to invite friends to learn together to repeat the lessons have not yet been understood, and suggested to persons skilled in the lessons to teach it to our friends, so this semester final exams could be better than the previous exam. Usually we make a summary for the understand of the lattice lecturers had given to us. It for the familiar, remembered or to be understood, I most liked when the final exam essay about form but his own opinion, because opinion is our own and we able to freely to express our opinion and do not really focus on what has been learned in the classroom at the Lapin probably the case with high school graduation with the syntax in five point two five, they will feel how they can achieve in government regulations that have been agreed, while actually the corner together in a matter , it is the initiative of each school. Both were held tutoring or enrichment of the school, so students can pass all. But I hope these competency standards do not become an obstacle to pass or not the students, because their efforts could be futile dive three years of study but is specified within a week of exams and their ddI could not pass it will make them defresi and unwilling to learn again, Because not all students can achieve success in the real world of work later. Most important is the connection and way of thinking.While that is taught in schools in Indonesia is how to repeat information, not how to think. So I think in the final exam or national final exams may be held, but should not be used as gauge of graduation . I am more inclined to learn the system
changes, lately there are no schools that can be said to be "good". Because it teaches how to repeat the information, not how to think it.

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