Friday, February 11, 2011

Velayati Gulistan Amaradja

Name : Velayati Gulistan Amaradja
Class : 3A
NPM : 09211210430
Writing For General Communication 2
The Disaster
Disasters can come at any time, and no one who knows. Time, place or what kind of disaster that? Only God knows of all the events in this world. Whenever he have an affair, all can happen and no one can resist. Because they have all been written in the book lauful Mahfudz.
As happened in the Earth Indonesia. Eruption of Merapi Mount in Yogyakarta, Flash Flood in Wasior and Earthquakes in the Mentawai to cause a tsunami. I do not know how many victims of these events are certainly not small. Actually, there are ways that can reduce the number of deaths on the victims of disasters, namely by anticipating and early notification before the disaster. The government should be responsible for the collapse of many victims. Because the government had promised and has spent so great just to make early detection in places that are considered prone to disaster. But in fact the tool is not working properly. In addition, the government's slow handling of disaster victims into a working system of poor governance. As the famine victims and seriously injured by the disaster are not treated quickly to build an increasing number of deaths from disasters.
God reduce disaster by having a specific purpose. For example, as a temptation, or misfortune. So that Man can correct themselves, whether they've become a creature of God that pious or bad. Fortitude and patience in the face of disasters is the key to a charity through all the disasters that happen in life. Let us not assume that God does not love his people to reduce the disaster, but believes that this disaster into destiny and our way of life in order to obtain the grace of God in the next life.

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