Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mobile Phone

Name : Hilia Ratna Puri
Clss : 5-evening
NPM : 08211210701
Mobile Phone
In the past, mobile phone just could have by a rich man. Because, people that use mobile phone for help they activities, especially about they work and also because the price was expensive. But, nowadays mobile phone becomes a popular thing that people should have.
Why mobile phones now become a popular in the human life? Because, mobile phone now become something that everybody can buy. Because now there are so many mobile phones sold with a lower price. Not only for adult, but also children could have too.
Mobile phones were having significant change. From that shape, there are so many choice that we could choose as we want. And also, there are so many features were provided keep up with the development of time as much as we need.
Mobile phone could help us to make relation with others people in anywhere. We can contact our far away relatives that we never meet with mobile phone. And also, because the development of technology, it becomes something that could help us in education, because they put networking at mobile phone that called internet for help students in their study, especially for university students.
In the other hand, we should be careful with the development of mobile phones. Children could access the information that they should not know for them or
they can take a pictures or saw a “bad” pictures that they should not see. For adult, they can take pictures or videos as easy as they want. It is good if they make a good pictures or videos. But it will be trouble if they make a pictures or videos that should not make a trouble for them. Because, someday if they want to sell or they lost it, it will be a big trouble. Because someone who buy it or find it, maybe they can put that to the internet and it could be access by everyone as easy. And also, nowadays there are so many deception that use mobile phones as tools for deceive someone. For example, they deceive someone to transfer money at number of one bank to change with motorcycle or car but before that they should send money for them, but the car or motorcycle never comes.
Corrector : Komariah
NPM : 08211210111

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