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Name : Desi Lisna LP
NPM : 07211210271
Class : VI A
English Educational Program
Faculty of Teachers Training and Education Bogor Ibn Khaldun University
I. Introduction
There are two forms of language, spoken and written that should be learned by student. Spoken language is used for improving the students speaking ability, whereas a written language is used for the improvement of students. Writing ability a lot of students have difficulties in writing because they are still confused in using tenses and especially the have limitation of vocabulary. Writing is also a process; it should be learned by stager, from simple to complex, from sentences to composition. The very basic of writing ability is makes a sentences because a sentence is the smallest unit to express through, idea, opinion and felling. The written choose the topic because I think teaching writing spoof text is more easily because the writing is consist of their experience especially fun experience or unforgettable experience. Written is specific in past time and student hoped more usual to make a simple sentence.
II. Theoretical Foundation
A. Teaching
Teaching an activity, the aim of teaching is to achieve the goal of teaching the contest of teaching is between teacher and students and usually takes place in the classroom and supported by some teaching aids such as write board chalks, pens, paper and other.
According to : Teaching is interpreted in its broadest sense to include academic guidance and intellectual motivation as well as classroom, laboratory, and studio instruction (2005 : 1)
B. Writing
Writing is comprehensive ability involving grammar, vocabulary, concept, the topic and other elements. It is connected very much to listening, speaking, and reading.
Writing is most important instrument of science. Scientist will be not being able to share their knowledge or to express their ideas, feeling and thought if they not know how to write.
C. Twitter
Twitter is a social networking and micro blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as tweets "(twitter Newsletter 2010 – Edition #1 (Received March 03, 2010)". Twitter is a media technology for English learning.
D. Spoof
Spoof is a text which tells factual story, happened in the past time with unpredictable and funny ending. Its social function is to entertain and share the story.
We often find understanding about the funny story in our society life. Every funny story is often defined as anecdote. In this term, anecdote is pointing to "cerita lelucon" or "konyol". Most the story is funny because they have unpredictable funny things in the end. All those types of story are often socially called anecdote and they are going on. However, the unpredictable thing in the end of story which is often funny is called TWIST. This Twist, in term of text type, belongs to spoof. While in the generic structure of anecdote, we can not find the twist. So it might be the funny story which we often hear in our social life and defined as anecdote story is not the anecdote text in term of text types we are learning.
III. Finding Data
A. Sentences
Based on the form of sentences there are four kinds of sentences.
a) Simple sentences.
Simple sentence has only with full predication in the form of an independent clause.
Example : That is a black pen.
b) Compound sentences.
Compound sentence has two or more full predications in the form of independent clause.
Example : That is a black pen and clean.
c) Complex sentences.
A complex sentence also has two or more predication. One of these is an independent clause (main clause) that is similar to the form of a simple sentence, and one or more of these are dependent clause (subordinate clause).
Example : The girls whose black pen is a student.
Based on condition there are three kinds of sentences:
a) Simple Present tense
Activities are done in daily activity.
Example: Lina goes to school.
b) Past tense
Activities or situations that began and ended in the past.
Example: She went home late yesterday.
c) Future tense
Activities or situations that began and iit is done in the future time.
Example: I will visit to Bali next week.
A funny story is always interesting. It really amuses reader. This amusement is actually the main function of spoof text. How spoof text tries to amuse the reader is actually including in the way it is structured.
Reading spoof text will arouse the convenience. Spoof genre explores the informative fact for the past experience. In literary term, experience can be factual or imaginative, objective or subjective spoof focus on series of event which happened.
Language Feature of Spoof 1. Focusing on people, animals or certain things 2. Using action verb; ate, ran, etc 3. Using adverb of time and place 4. Told in chronological order
Notice on Generic structure of spoof sample Spoof text is very similar to recount text. Both spoof and recount tell about
the past event with chronological order. Its purpose is to amuse reader with funny story. The story mostly is ended with an unpredictable event. The above spoof sample has generic structure as follow: 1. Orientation
It is the introduction of the story. By giving the orientation, reader will recognize, for the first time, who involves in the story.The above story talks about a wife and his husband who loves money too much even up to his death.
2. Events
Several events are explored in chronological way which able to arrange the story read nicely. Promising with her money miser husband, putting the box inside casket, locking and rolling the casket are the events which build the complete story. 3. Twist
This is the unpredictable event/thing/way which amuses the reader. Readers even did not predict before that it would be. When reading the above story, for the first, readers likely think that the wife would put all the money instead of just a check
IV. Analysis
This is the spoof text. We can analysis of this story, in the tenses, the structural of sentences and a stage of narrative text.
Penguin in the Park
Once, a man was walking in a park when he came across a penguin.
He took him to a policeman and said, “I have just found this penguin. What should I do?” The policeman replied, “Take him to the zoo”
The next day the policeman saw the same man in the same park, and the man was still carrying the penguin with him. The policeman was rather surprised and walked up to the man and asked. “Why are you still carrying that penguin about? Didn‟t you take it to the zoo?” „I certainly did,‟ replied the man.
“And it was a great idea because he really enjoyed it, so today I‟m taking him to the movies!”
It is the example of the spoof text. If we read that text, I thing the reader feel fun and smile after they read it. So spoof text give amuses the reader. When reading the above story, for the first, readers likely think that the wife would put all the money instead of just a check
Related to the theme of paper is Improving Student‟s Ability in Writing Spoof Text through Twitter. The writer ask teacher to improving the creativities of students in writing. Spoof is the genre of text that easy to learn because it is simple and every student has a funny story so they can explore it in the writing.
In this global era, technology is the part of live so technology is important to improving our knowledge. One of way to improving students ability in writing
is through twitter. Twitter is popular networking that cans communication with other people in the world. In the twitter, we can explore our experience likes bad experience, happy experience and funny experience.
In twitter also, we can explore our experience. One kind of experience is funny story. Funny story in the genre is called spoof. Sometimes, we wrote a status in our twitter and it is funny story. Our friends read it and they give comment so we can improving writing‟s ability with give a comment to other and explorer our experience.
The example of status on twitter:
Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.
"With confidence I go to your house and arrived in your house, actually I use the difference shoes and you lovely laugh to me"-@DrMayaAngelou
This is the example of spoof on twitter. The chat is same with facebook but on the twitter if you give a comment you only take @..... n write the name of friend that you comment.
IV. Conclusion and Suggestion
a. Conclusion
Base on the result of teaching writing in spoof text by using twitter. Spoof is better tan teaching writing paragraph because writing paragraph use spoof text is more easily, it caused spoof is a funny experience. I thing every body has that experience so easy to pay full on the paragraph. The studying the spoof paragraph by twitter more effective because students were easier to explore their experience of story and give comment about that experience.
b. Suggestion
Based on this paper, we have to help the students to get the lesson clearly. There are some things that the teachers have to do:
1. Chosen the suitable technique in teaching
2. Speak clearly
3. Present the material clearly
4. Provide the teaching aids
5. Motivate the student
6. Choose the good media in the teaching
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