Friday, February 11, 2011

Ayu susantie

Name : Ayu susantie
Class : 3A/PBI
NPM : 09211210442
Writing for general communication 2
Preparation for final exam
Final exam is coming soon. This is commonly that when we are finish one semester we will have an examination before continue to the next semester. I feel so nervous about it, because all of this semester subjects is quite difficult for me. For example lessons of Foundation Linguistics, Listening for academic purpose and others. I realized that I must study hard for this final exam. Many things can I do to prepare myself for this final exam for examples; we can study in group with four until five person, so that we can share with others it can make we remind the material of the subjects or I like to write main point that the lecturer have talked about the material and keep it anywhere I go so I can read it anytime that I like. This way also can make me remind the material but I did not bring it in the exam time because I realized that it can harming me. I also make a plan that match with my target, like pay more attention for the weak subjects. And then make a good study schedule just pay time for eat and pray. Sometimes I like to ask the material that I am not really understand to the other friends who had understood the material or otherwise they ask me what I had understood, it can make me better. The most important study smart and discipline.

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