Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Minimize the influence of game online to the achievement of children

Name : Rustika Wati
NPM : 08211210818
Class : 5 evening
Minimize the influence of game online to the achievement of children
The rise development of the Internet , brings a great influence for students. One of them with his presence and the existence of online gaming. As a result, there is the influence of online game on a child's learning achievement. So this issue is in fact not be a problem that can be taken lightly by us.
Online game addiction can interfere with this online learning achievement. This is because the game online game has addictive properties or take opium. As a result people who are familiar with the online game will likely be affected, either directly or indirectly. The student is one of the groups affected by the influence of online game. This is due, game online play is often time-consuming a child. One was the time that should be used for rest or play, but kids tend to use it to sit at the computer and immersed in the game online play. As a result, when lessons, a child was physically drained from playing games online. Although seemingly just sitting, but this game drain your energy because it requires concentration and stimulates the tension. As a result, the nerve becomes more rigid and not relaxed quickly.
Prevent Impact online Game to necessarily prevent a child playing games online is not an easy job. Internet facilities are widely available everywhere, internet cafe, makes
the child can access the Internet from anywhere. Do not always have to play at home, children can steal time after school with game online area or visit Internet cafes around their school.
For that, there are some things parents should do. Among them In collaboration with teachers in schools to take part in monitoring the development of student learning. Achievement for children in the schools is declining due to game online addiction.
Establish informal communication for a child can open to parents, so parents can provide education to a child without the child feel judged. Because parents are the people who should be the first thing to know if the child has problems and should be a parent is a person who must always give a feeling of comfortable and reliable. As parents we also need to learn about game online. So you can discuss with your child about the game. If this can happen, the child will not need to seek refuge with his friends to just talk about game online play. So that children can be more comfortable at home because it can get a friend to chat who understand their world.
Online games is actually not a bad thing, online games can provide positive impact for children. Children also need a refresher so that they do not feel bored through a solid routine therefore so give special time to play games online, and affirm your child not to play beyond the agreed time. This shows that you do not just forbid, but make allowances. On the other hand you teach your child to be responsible at the time of its.
Corrector : Nur Azizah
NPM : 08211210824

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