Friday, February 11, 2011

Putri Diah Aryanti

Name : Putri Diah Aryanti
Class : 3 A
Npm : 09211210086
Email :
Soon I will face the final exam, just count the week I will face the final exam in this semester three after three months I attended a class on campus. Before this final exams I have to prepare themselves by learning so that I can deal with this final exam, in addition to preparing materials that will come out what I also have to prepare mentally so that when faced with this exam give me on health because if my condition is definitely less healthy will affect the course of this final exam. Does not feel it turns out the final exam will come soon enough I really have meant it in the face of this final exam so that I get a satisfactory value. I have seriously studied because it is the only way and also do not forget to continue to pray to God Almighty and ask for the blessing of the parents so that we are given the ease in the face of this final exam. I have a habit in the face of a situation is usually the final exam before starting my hands were trembling for fear of answering questions and fear can not answer questions, but I am aware of no study and pray we will not be able to do the final exam;. In addition, self-confident and optimistic attitude can also make us more enthusiastic in working on this final exam I'm hoping when the final exams later I was able to the problems very well and also obtain a satisfactory value

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