Saturday, February 12, 2011

National Exam

Name : Tria Puspita sari
NPM : 08221210802
Class : 3A
National Exam
Final exam is something scary for some students. It is very decisive final score for graduating value. National exam resource for junior and senior high school is final test to receive graduation certificate, final test each step is different but same in all Indonesian School. National examination is the best way to know the grade of the students. We can see the quality of the students from the grade or achievement that students get from national examination. Even though there are only some subjects that are being assessed, they represent the student’s achievement. If the grade or achievement is high, so the quality of the students is good. The other argument why national examination is very useful is that national examination can be the standard of the quality of the students. If the average of students’ achievement is high so it means that the quality of Indonesian students is high also. It also can be argued that with national examination people can know the best and the most appropriate school to choose for their children based on the result of the national examination. People think that national examination is not fair. It is useless since after all they have spent almost three years for studying at school and finally it is only assessed by the final examination which just lasts for a couple days, and the government only assessed some of the subjects not all the subjects.

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