Saturday, February 12, 2011

Final examination with success

Class : 3A/PBI
Npm : 09211210096
Writing for general communication 2
Final examination with success
Final examination will come soon and what should we do? Actually, the first should we do is prepare and practice. There are many student feel nervous to face this situation because they must through examination if they want to be pass to can continue next semester. As we know that many student feel nervous while the examination is starting and this problem can disturb their concentration even worst, because they afraid get bad result. Probably one of the mistake is they have not high self-confidence to answer the question. So, what is the best way to handle this problem? In addition, if we want to succeed in final examination we must often reading again and again, more practice and reading a lot than usual, according to a research, if you want to be successful in examination, you should be realistic, prepare, and willing to experiment. What do they mean? Realistic means that you should realize to pass in examination takes hard work and intelligent, so we must study hard to get it. Prepare means we must have some planning for examination to make us will get a good result. Willing to experiment means that you are willing to try and learn more with practice or reading more the lesson. So the examination will be successful if we have high self-confidence and more reading and practice every day.

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