Friday, February 11, 2011

Dian Lestari

Name : Dian Lestari
Class : PBI/ 3A
NPM : 09211210067
Preparation for Final Exams
I will face final exams the next two weeks. The final exam is the most important exam for me, this is the last struggle of my study for one semester and this is something I do not want to waste it. I will prepare mentally and my health condition, before my final exams. Because, without health and a mental ready and I can not follow the final exams well. On the other hand, learn as much as possible and pray to Allah for the final exam is also the main thing in preparation for final exams. I hope when the test comes, I can do the final exam with a good and thorough. I will learn in earnest, because I do not want to disappoint my parents and I want to give the best to them. Even though when test day arrived, I also have to teach my students in my courses at Simple Percepatan Belajar. However, I will not be desperate to face the final exam in any condition and I will try hard it for my parents. Getting the best value and experience is my dream of learning. There is no one person who wants to fail and lectures in vain. All of them want to be the best and success in any case or anything. After the final exam is over, I will still pray to Allah to get maximum results. If the result is satisfactory, so I will feel grateful and happy, but if not satisfactory I will grateful and try to study more diligent than before.

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