Friday, February 11, 2011

Ridwan maulana

Nama : Ridwan maulana
Class : 3-A
Npm : 09211210059
Writing for general communication 2
The last sacrifice
The time is coming, all of students of university will prepare for the final exam. As usually we have to prepare before doing the examination.Without preparing we can not do the final exam well. They do not want have a bad score so that is why Most of students study hard. We have to bone up for the test, study all day only for that day we have to sacrifice manythings,from the money,time,energy and other things. Final exam,we always call it is the last sacrifice because after that we will not have a class anymore and just waiting for the score,we will have a good score or a bad score. I thing final exam is a kind of hard not only me everybody will feel it,because in the final exam will beat our brain,we can not cheating to each other we must do the examination by our self. But I believe if we study hard before the examination it will makes us more easy to answered the question. Beside that sometimes we always forget it about our god, the important thing is not only study hard before we doing the final exam,however we have to
remember our god, because without god we are nothing. Keep praying to god before we start the examination believe or not god will help us to open our brain and make it easy to answerd all of the question. That is the key that I know if we want have a good score.

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