Saturday, February 12, 2011

Are you ready for the final exam ?

Name : Afriliyane Chodriatunnisa
Class : 3A/PBI
NPM : 09211210432
Subject : Writing for general Communication 2
Are you ready for the final exam ?
Final exam is the result of evaluation of students during lessons at school or on campus. useful to know how far we understand that during this lesson in teaching, the extent to which we remember the lessons. If we want to obtain maximum results, we must study earnestly and ask others who already understand if we do not understand the material in teaching. Final exam is in sight, time to prepare ourselves from all things, whether material, physical and mind, after all it is concerned, because if we do not physically good, then we will not be able to follow it, the same goes with our thoughts should focus on the lessons. preparation for end of semester exam is not enough just one day one night but from afar it was already prepared. To simplify the way we learn or memorize in the face of the final exam, make a small note containing key points and as comfortable as possible we look at the contents of the reading is for us not to read it quickly saturated and most importantly confident when do the problems, of course not affected by the other. lest we regret that our values are bad, but try to be able to obtain satisfactory results. if we persevere in doing something and with maximum preparation, must all work can be completed perfectly and in line with what we want, and vice versa. not to get everything necessary effort and do not forget also to pray to god, because god who gave way and wants it all.

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