Thursday, January 19, 2012

Anni Listiyani

Name : Anni Listiyani Class : 3 C NPM : 10211210772 Surprise of my birthday A few day before my birthday, the thing that make everyone think what will we do and what will accept. Of course, for people remember it. I remember tomorrow is my birthday, not like the year before, before the day’s specials come I felt excited and happy, because I was hopeful something that will be given by the people around us. But for this year the feeling is gone. I think that the day was the same as the day’s on last year. Either because of conscious will responsibility or our minds are not like a kid again, never crossed my mind that “I do not wanted to be an adult”. I wanted to continue playing during the first, because teenagers also felt so good any way, time will continue to run and probably will never came back again. As the day before, I was responsibility as a student of college. When I was test at campus where I learned, a few a days later I realized that my birthday on holidays. When approaching the day of my birthday my friend didn’t saw as people who had a planed to my birthday, but I wished I could get a suprised from him. Whatever it is, so also with my families didn’t remember it. Probably because they were good at hiding things. I could hope something a beutiful happened. Night before the day came, it does look like a habitual night situation looks peaceful, the day came and my parents didn’t remember my birthday. On that day, I was doing activities such as reading books, playing games, and watching television. “I was alone at home, then my phone rang,” I answered, unexpected when I answered the phone my friend had been in front of my house and I was suprised, I changed clothes, I went outside the house then I arrived at my friends house and in the evening, my friend invited another friend for dinner. After that at 22.30 pm I slept at my friends house with others. When at 24.00 am I was awakened by my friend, then I woke up. Suddenly my friend brought a cake with candles on the cake and sang a birthday song to me, I was shocked and I could speechless. And all feeling maved, shocked, and strangely mixed. Maybe that was the first time I got it. I got suprise like that, at the time I didn’t know what to said. I felt so happy and grateful to had friends like him, then I was cutting the cake suddenly my friend came up to me and he brought gifts. Then I opened and there was a bag. I really loved it and I felt happy an I grateful to him because he has prepared all of this on my birthday. He has suprised, giving the cake and giving a bag for me, after that we were tired and we slept. At 05.00 am we woke up and we take a pray of shubuh, then at 10.00 am my friend and I went home. I smiled at the day all because the people closest to me who care about me. The next day, I wore the bag, I really loved it, wherever I went like to campus, shopping, watching movies and hanging out with my friend. I always wore it, because the bag was very funny and interested. It break all of my argument that the birthday is the same as any other day, how old we were either young or old deserves to be celebrated because when we remember that on the day anniversary, and will remind us that we were born to saw and conquer and the world. Actually he also gave me a pig doll to me, the doll was very funny with pink colour. I always bring the doll when I slept, I hugged the doll and the doll very soft when I held, it I loved it. I will kept it well and I will took care it. I knew him very well, I’ve knew him for almost a year. He had characteristic of diligent, friendly, and caring for others. We were always together in doing something and mutual helped to each other, we also care if among us there are difficulties and that’s the greatest gift that I got from him. I will never forgot it, he had given me a beautiful bag and dolls. A few days later, he also gave me a watch, I still kept it well, I will took care it and then my families just remembered my birthday after a half-day pass. Then they gave me happy birthday greeting.

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